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Charter Auction


Private Jets to Bermuda Mixing Business and Pleasure
Creme de la creme, Bermuda and Charter Auction share a common bond, both a proven success with vacationers and business travelers.


With focused attention at getting clients the best possible pricing on private jets service using aircraft locator technology in conjunction with a reverse-style auction, Charter Auction shows rapid growth in the Bermuda travel sector. Reason? Not only are they pioneers in offering auctions for private jets requests they are innovative in paying attention to high traffic areas. They keep abreast of wealthy hot spots such as Bermuda, finance and relaxation and who utilize private jets, such as the creme de la creme in the global business community.


For well over a decade, Bermuda is shrewd with regulation and its conservative financial environment, leaders in international commerce, the islands main source of income. The big swell with its economy is a mixed Bermuda cocktail of insurance and reinsurance, trust services, banking trust services and fund-administration and for over a century have been enticing vacationers, celebrities, high-financers, real estate gurus and other wealthy who's who travel by private jets seeking to relax on private pink sandy beaches and sightings of the Bermuda Longtail.


The innovative technology of Charter Auction, created one of the industry's largest empty-leg databases, offers an auction style process that results in competitive pricing and available leisure and business private jet service for its customers. They boast access to thousands of private jets for service and have access to over 5,000 US airports and thousands internationally.


From May to November they mark the calendar when vacationers seek Bermuda private jet service. Charter Auction offer point-to-point travel services year-round as well as additional services including gourmet catering with any of its charter jet flights and they have been reserving those private jets to Bermuda with the season now in swing.


The collaborate efforts of the Charter Auction company is striving to inform of its corporate jet service and sustain real financial growth in international markets. Brandon


Ferrante, Director of Customer Service is seeing those efforts pay off in Bermuda.


"We welcomed corporate flight departments to initiate contact for private jets to Bermuda and we have coined our website to offer ease of planning any global private jes trip request," Ferrante commented.


With 90% of Charter Auctions business done on their website, they work closely with travel managers and planners around the world, members of the GBTA, Global Business Travel Association and ASTA.


The website provides tools, the flight planner, flight tracker, private jets type and a special log-in for travel professionals, among others. The goal in the process? Charter Auction wants the site experience to be a quick, easy and a useful means of obtaining private jet service to worldwide airports, including private jets to L.F. Wade International, located in Bermuda's St. George's Parish just 10 miles from the capital city of Hamilton.


Charter Auction and Bermuda share the collaborate effort in a corporate welcome wagon, they both continue to inform local and international communities of the advantages of doing business or vacationing in Bermuda. As the records show, both are prevailing with a winning combo of mixing business and pleasure and have earned the crème de la crème status they


About Charter Auction


Charter Auction is an  online exchange for private charter jet service pricing, utilizing exclusive  aircraft locater technology to make chartering of private jets affordable for  our executive travelers. We offer point-to-point, private charter jet service  anywhere in the world, at anytime. We also offer additional services including  gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services with our private jet  service. Our company was established to provide affordable private charter jet  service to business travelers and offer guaranteed competitive charter flight  prices to travel agents and corporate flight departments. Here at Charter  Auction our commitment is to provide aircraft that meet or exceed the most  rigorous safety standards in the industry. This allows us to provide the most  affordable  private charter jet service without ever compromising safety.  Please visit us online at


Private Jets to Bermuda Mixing Business and Pleasure Creme de la creme, Bermuda and Charter Auction share a common bond, both a proven success with vacationers and business travelers.

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