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At Charter Auction, our primary focus is safety and security for all our clients, their families and their friends. We use multiple safety platforms in order to ensure that we are using the safest and most reputable operators, pilots and aircraft in the industry.

Though we have many independent safety auditors we turn to in order to ensure the safest possible flights, we also do our own safety audits. The FAA is understaffed and overburdened, which doesnít allow them the due diligence to maintain proper reporting on the over 2000 jet operators in the United States. Therefore, we have created our own proprietary safety check system called SAFEPASS to ensure that our clients travel on the safest planes, with the safest pilots and the safest crews. This isnít just a moral imperative at Charter Auction, itís a priority and a responsibility we donít take likely.

At Charter Auction we pride ourselves in a safety first mission which keeps us focused on making sure you are in good hands at all times. Due diligence is essential in order to ensure you and your family are safe, and when it comes to checking operator safety records on your behalf Ė well, thatís the Charter Auction difference you can trust.

Below is a brief description of the independent auditors we utilize on top of the audits we do personally on each and every aircraft we put in flight.

FAA Part 135 Certification
FAA Part 135 Certification Ė Each and every charter operator must meet the minimum safety requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration in order to obtain certification for carrying passengers. We ensure that every chartered aircraft has all the proper paperwork and certifications necessary to safely and legally charter flights.

ARG/US Ė Since 1995, ARGUS has been the worldwide leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines. ARG/US provides detailed evaluation and qualification reports that exceed the requirements set forth by the FAA. We use ARG/USís quick and easy rating system to ensure that pilots, aircraft and operators are either gold or platinum certified.


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