Charter Auction has the ability to locate every accessible aircraft through the power of our proprietary Aircraft Technology. If there is a specific private jet aircraft you need or prefer for your trip, let us know and we will reserve the one you choose. We utilize an auction process which allows operators to bid against one another for your trip request.

It’s only a few easy steps to start the process:

  • Enter your trip details using the Flight Planner
  • Once you have submitted your trip details, we will review the information and process your request
  • Once we receive your trip request, we will reach out to you using the personal contact information you supplied and provide you with a rough cost estimate
  • We will then submit your charter request to our proprietary Aircraft Locator Technology to find available aircraft operators who match your flight criteria
  • Charter Auction will then send you up to 6 quotes for your trip
  • After reviewing your quotes, you can then select the aircraft that fits your needs and budget

At the close of the auction, we provide you with:

  • the top 6 bids, which offers you multiple options to choose from
  • available private jet aircraft and their descriptions
  • the amount of seating within the aircraft
  • age of the aircraft
  • year of remodel (if applicable)
  • nationally recognized independent safety ratings

Call 1.877.499.5387 to speak with a consultant.