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Portsmouth, NH – While private jet charter service is nowhere near the robust levels it enjoyed prior to the economic bloodletting of 2008, the use of private jets is definitely on the upswing.

Private jet service in Europe and the U.S. increased 9% in January 2011. Overall, it was up 5.5% last year. Over all, increase in private jet service can be attributed to increased travel of private jets to Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Private jet service is also popular to western European hot spots.

Private jet service is also showing an increased trend toward bigger jets. Travelers are also taking private jets to large sporting venues.

Of course, with bigger private jets comes more room for style and amenities. As customers order large planes they are ordering media rooms, elegant bars and master bedroom suites. Travelers using private charter jet service are also refining their palets while in the air with cuisine from Wolfgang Puck, David Bouley and David Burke. Many private charter jet service companies such as Charter Auctions are partnering with top-rated restaurants.

About Charter Auction

Charter Auction is an online exchange for private charter jet service pricing, utilizing exclusive aircraft locater technology to make chartering of private jets affordable for our executive travelers. We offer point-to-point, private charter jet service anywhere in the world, at anytime. We also offer additional services including gourmet catering and door-to-door destination services with our private jet service. Our company was established to provide affordable private charter jet service to business travelers and offer guaranteed competitive charter flight prices to travel agents and corporate flight departments. Here at Charter Auction our commitment is to provide aircraft that meet or exceed the most rigorous safety standards in the industry. This allows us to provide the most affordable private charter jet service without ever compromising safety. Please visit us online at


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