Who is Looking Out For Your Pro NFL Football Team?


Portsmouth, NH – Charter Auction, (www.charterauction.com) a leading global provider of executive jet charter and private business charter understands that in the professional world of sports travel is a regular part of players lives. A story was released recently which outlined the travel of the NFL Team the Minnesota Vikings.

Luther Hippe, Director of Operations of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings coordinates travel for 53. Although it was noted that their is no squeezing into the dreaded middle seat for any of the Vikings, it is surprising that the Vikings agreement charter flight agreement with Delta involves the team flying coach to all away games. We all see the millions the players make, but coach? “They travel in coach, but in window or aisle seats, so everyone is comfortable,” says Hippe, the players are surprisingly low maintenance. In the two decades he’s worked with the Vikings, “nobody’s ever asked to sit in a special place on the plane or had to travel separately.” 
As the demands and extra costs of commercial flying tax the business traveler, whether a pro team or a single executive, Delta has branched out to get those contracts for chartered flights for business purposes to not lose out on those taxed travelers.

Many of those business travelers are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and turning to the process of placing a private jet charter flight trip request to Charter Auction (www.charterauction.com). 1999 started Charter Auction’s innovative process of a technology-based platform where corporate flight departments, operation heads and teams, such as the Minnesota Vikings could charter private jets. As the super bowl approaches and flights start to fill Charter Auction’s reverse auction process, which obtain the best prices on flights becomes an obvious resource for teams and spectators alike.

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